“Well, the challenge to build a solid grate mold in the shortest possible time was already well known. But to build six complex grate molds (almost) simultaneously and in addition in a throughput time of only a total of 14 weeks– that was really something new!”


Gerhard Platzgummer


Head of Planing + Control
Authorized signatory
Member of senior management

Gerhard Platzgummer

Head of Production Planning

“Our customer, a premium automotive manufacturer, had a warranty problem in some countries and several models in the running series production with the speaker grates in the dashboard area. They depended on the fastest possible help from us”, said the project manager who was responsible at that time in mold management for our customer, an established 1st level supplier. “The job was short and concise”, Gerhard Platzgummer, who is responsible for planning and control at Rathgeber remembers about the initial situation at that time.

“At that time it was only possible, because we already had extensive experience with grates and thus had flexible employees that could shift the capacities with very careful planning of the work steps and adapt them appropriately in short notice. That is true passion!”