"Innovation meets


We plan, guide and check our ideas systematically and continuously in the scope of our year target planning. During this the focus is on the implementation of our ideas.

The idea pool in the preliminary phases is not subject to any restrictions. In this way we are regularly involved with the implementation of several innovations at the same time. These ideas reach, for example, from a tool for dynamic machine loading (internal process innovation) to an innovative application of basically familiar production technologies (e.g. milling) on ultra-complex part geometries (so-called application innovation) up to development of a new product (product innovation) and further development of it into a new business model.

An example of this that can be mentioned is StoreManager, our innovative goods dispensing system that we market in an independent company under the brand “Storetec Systems” (www.storetec-systems.com). Here we of course patent our marketable ideas.