For many only a word, a world for Janine and us."
Janine Flock
Skeleton pilot
TU Graz Racing Team
Wheelchair-Sport-Club Tirol Unterland
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Janine Flock
TU Graz Racing Team
Wheelchair-Sport-Club Tirol Unterland (RSCTU)

Janine Flock

Overall World Cup winner 2020 / 2021

European and vice world champion in 2016

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Get a view of the world of the sport of skeleton and get a close-up of Janine Flock, the Overall World Cup winner! Enjoy watching!

We are happy to work together with the Tyrolean Skeleton Overall World Cup winner of the 2020 / 2021 and 2015 / 2016 season and european and vice world champion in 2016. Tyrolean Janine Flock has worked her way to the top through her absolute desire to achieve and the corresponding commitment.

The enthusiasm for what she does is a distinguishing characteristic. This enthusiasm in connection with the spectacular sport of Skeleton, in which the athletes race head first down the ice channel going up to 150 km / h, and with which, along with strong nerves and courage, especially strength in start and precision during the race is required, form the best prerequisites for our long-term commitment. We award these success criteria of Janine Flock, which agree astoundingly well with our values, with our full commitment.

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Overall world cup winner 2020/21, 2014/15

Second in overall world cup 2019/20

World champion, third Altenberg 2020, second and third (Worl Championship team) Innsbruck-Igls 2015

Tenth at the Olympic Winter Games, Beijing 2022

Fourth at the Olympic Winter Games, Pyeongchang 2018

Ninth at Olympic Geames in Sotschi 2014

Three times European champion, Igls 2019, St. Moritz 2016, Königssee 2014

Vice European champion, Winterberg 2017, Igls 2015

Third European champion, Igls 2017, Sigulda 2020, Winterberg 2021

First in world cup, Sigulda 2020/21 x 2, Igls 2020/21 / 2019, St. Moritz 2015 / 2016 / 2018, Lake Placid 2016 / 2017

Second in world cup, St. Moritz, Igls 2021 / 2020, Laplagne 2020, Lake Placid 2019, Igls 2015, Königssee 2014, Lake Placid 2013

Third in world cup, Igls 2020/21 / 2014 / 2015 / 2017, Königssee 2021 / 2018, Winterberg 2021 / 2020, Sigulda 2020, Lake Placid 2019 / 2014, Altenberg 2017, St. Moritz 2017

TU Graz Racing Team

We’ve been a Platinum Sponsor of the Racing Team of the Technical University in Graz for some years, supporting it with material sponsoring for the production of their “TANKIA” racer.

The Racing Team was established in the summer of 2002 on the initiative of the students of the TU Graz. Since 2003, the changing team has constructed and built a new racer each year for participation in the global Formula Student and Formula SAE competitions. Already the second “TANKIA” won the title “Winner Over All” at the competitions in Germany and Italy in 2005. Also the 2018 season was a big success for the TU Graz Racing Team. They took the overall victory at the competitions in Austria and Italy. They achieved a fantastic second place finish in Michigan and Germany.

You can find additional information about the TU Graz Racing Team and their results at

Wheelchair-Sport-Club Tirol Unterland (RSCTU)


2nd Bundesliga south, 3rd place 2019

We have already supported the basketball players of the Wheelchair Sport Club Tyrol as a sponsor for several years. The RSCTU plays in the German South Regional League and regularly places in the top ranking both in the regional league as well as in international tournaments.

More information on the RSCTU and game schedules is available under